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Passenger Association of Tehran License

verification code: 0420330587

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پرونه کسب شرکت ره پویان گشت جاوید

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Rah Pooyan Gasht Javid Co.

Reg. No 31070

National ID Code 10320848693


Thanks to its valuable experiences and benefiting from expert and committed (efficient) staff, Rah Pooyan Company as one of the well-known companies has the honor to get engaged in providing required services with respect to transportation affairs and transfer of passengers through various kinds of modern domestic and foreign luxurious, VIP and tour cars. This Company has always tried utmost to be a pioneer in innovating and updating its service system meeting the most updated methods of the world regarding transfer.

Relying on its brilliant records and through constant collaboration with public and private organizations and institutions, sports federations, embassies, economic agencies and medical centers, Rah Pooyan Gasht Company has taken steps consistent with quality management system and has always seeking for propagation of customer orientation culture.

This great goal has been realized only through

  1. Team work and public endeavors 2. Customer Orientation 3. Improvement of transfer and transportation system and providing widespread services
  • Providing all required cars such as luxurious, VIP, passenger, bus, minibus and van
  • Rent of self-driving cars, daily, monthly and annually
  • Reception and transfer of guests from airport to hotel and vice versa
  • Providing the guests with arrival and exit services from CIP
  • Providing leader and translator with a great mastery over foreign languages
  • Providing motorcyclists, daily, monthly and annually
  • Reservation at hotels and tourism centers
  • Advantages of car rent from Rah Pooyan Gasht Car Rental Company
  • Enjoying various insurance coverage in term of need of applicant
  • Quick delivery of car upon signing and concluding the contract
  • Supporting and providing repair and maintenance services for cars as long as car rental agreement is valid.


  • All cars of this Company meet environmental-safety standards (fire capsule and first aid kit).


All drivers of this Company hold a Certificate of Defensive Driving and health card; and they have a great mastery over foreign languages and are proficient to use first aid kit.